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Viptera Lawsuit Attorneys

The legal team at Spiros Law, P.C., plans to pursue litigation as a class action on behalf of U.S. farmers against Syngenta for their part in the disruption of corn exports to China and the subsequent devaluation of that market. In the course of our substantial investigation, Spiros Law, P.C., believes that Syngenta played a direct role in depressing the market value of U.S. corn beginning in November of 2013.

You do not need to have grown Viptera® corn, you may have a claim if you have sold Viptera® or non-Viptera® corn since 2013.

Our attorneys have reviewed thousands of documents, discussed matters with attorneys who have already taken legal action against Syngenta for this very issue, consulted with world-renowned experts (including agricultural economists), extensively researched applicable federal and state laws, and spoken with seed dealers and farmers directly. As a result of this research, Spiros Law, P.C., believes that Syngenta pursued a course of action that effectively eliminated China as an export market for U.S. corn farmers by selling farmers the corn variant Agrisure Viptera®, which possesses the MIR 162 genetic trait that is currently unapproved by China.

Despite having knowledge that China had not approved the Agrisure Viptera® corn variety for import, Syngenta went ahead and began selling mass quantities of this variety to U.S. farmers anyway. Given the grain handling system used in the U.S., there is no way of ensuring shipments of U.S. corn would not test positive for the MIR 162 genetic trait. As one of the largest export markets for U.S. corn farmers, the virtual cessation of corn exports to China has dramatically impacted the market price of corn for all U.S. farmers. With an estimated $1 billion in losses for U.S. farmers since November of 2013, Spiros Law, P.C., is representing all farmers who have grown corn in the U.S. after that date.

Syngenta and the Agrisure Viptera® Corn Variety

Prior to marketing and selling Agrisure Viptera® en masse, Syngenta knew that China had not approved the MIR 162 genetic trait. Our investigation has revealed that Syngenta was warned that putting Agrisure Viptera® on the market could disrupt trade with China by a number of knowledgeable organizations, including the National Grain and Feed Association and the North American Export Grain Association. Syngenta was aware, then, of the effects that most likely would follow their decision to put Agrisure Viptera® on the market, yet did so anyway. As such, Syngenta may be held liable for the subsequent devaluation of corn prices that followed virtual cessation of corn exports to China.

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If you have grown corn in the U.S. after November of 2013, you likely have a claim against Syngenta for the role they played in the devaluation of the market, and the experienced team of attorneys at Spiros Law, P.C., is ready to help you aggressively pursue compensation for your financial losses. To speak with one of the Syngenta lawsuit attorneys at Spiros Law, P.C., please call our offices at (844) 847-8372 today.

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